Community Land Trust (CLT) Initiative

We are in the process of building a CLT to defend our homes and our neighborhood. The COVID-19 crisis has made our mission all the more urgent. Financial crises have had a devastating impact on East New York residents and the NYC Lien Sale has put numerous homeowners at risk.

How Do CLTs Work?

CLT Model

A tool for economic stability and community wealth generation

A Tool For Economic Stability

During the prior market meltdown, mortgage delinquencies and foreclosure filings were significantly lower among CLT homeowners than homeowners of unrestricted, market-rate properties.

Intervention to cure mortgage delinquency

Strategies include: Pre-purchase education; Pre/post purchase stewardship; Prevention of high risk loans; Detection of delinquencies; Intervention with delinquent homeowners

A Tool For Community Wealth Generation

CLTs also seek to preserve affordability for future generations through: Resale restrictions in the 99-year ground lease Property tax exemptions



In our community of East New York and Cypress Hills we have the greatest number of family homes on the tax lien sale. The homeowners and tenants who live in

East New York Community Land Trust
East New York Community Land Trust was live.3 days ago
Watch our Reimagining Land Ownership: Public land for community stewardship workshop!
East New York Community Land Trust
East New York Community Land Trust
East New York Community Land Trust is in East New York.6 days ago
East New York
Albert Scott Jr. is a lifelong East New York resident and activist dedicated to the economic empowerment of his community. He serves as Chairman of the East New York Homeowners’ Associations Inc. and serves on the board of the Coalition for Community Advancement: Progress for Cypress Hills and East New York.
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Our community does too!
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Peter Senzamici @psenza
feel personally attacked when @NYCMayor said "I know tax liens are not a front page issue.."
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Did you know that 75 percent of new construction projects on city-owned land were awarded to for-profit developers from 2014 to 2018? (ANHD, 2019)

Why should we allow the city to give OUR land to for-profit developers?!

Join us on Jan. 13 at 6:30 PM:
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ENY CLT invites you to imagine your block and what's possible when the community takes over!

Join our virtual workshop "Reimagining Land Ownership: Public Land for Community Stewardship" on Wednesday, Jan. 13 at 6:30 pm.

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