CLT 101 Series


Get to know us! In this video our members introduce the ENY CLT and how we fight displacement in our neighborhoods. This is a great intro if you’ve ever wanted to learn how CLTs work.

Cooperative Economics

We dive into cooperative economics and our vision for how the ENY CLT will continue to support the movement. Learn how our work connects to the Civil Rights Movement and current Black and Brown-led organizing across the country. The NYC Network of Worker Cooperatives (NYCNOWC) also talks about how CLTs and worker coops can support each other to build the solidarity economy.

Affordable Homeownership

Hear from Oakland CLT, City Roots CLT, and Habitat for Humanity to learn how CLTs secure affordable homeownership in our communities.

Grassroots Organizing

Learn how CLTs use grassroots organizing strategies to build our movement. Bronx CLT share their experience with organizing and the tactics they use to generate support.

Reimagining Land Ownership

Part 1 - Public Land for Community Stewardship

In this video we talk about how CLTs secure land and turn it over to community hands. We do a deep dive on the neighborhood of East New York and the history of red lining. Author Sam Stein talks us through the current real estate and the role CLTs can play.

Part 2 - How Can CLTs Support POC and Women-owned Businesses?

We discuss how CLTs can support BIPOC-owned businesses in East New York, and the challenges these businesses have been facing since the COVID-19 pandemic. Guest Cooper Square CLT shares their experience.