We are an organization of community leaders and activists dedicated to preserving affordability for future generations and providing a vehicle to create generational wealth. The CLT seeks to own land and lease the land to the owners of the buildings and other uses on the land.


To protect, stabilize and expand the stock of affordable homes, locally-owned small businesses and green spaces in East New York and Brownsville for the benefit of low- to moderate- income, black and brown residents. The CLT exerts control over the built, social and natural environment through community organizing, education, and property ownership.


Our vision is for a healthy, self-sustaining community where our needs are provided ‘for us, by us’ and where we can build the generational wealth of the whole community.


  • Collective action
  • Racial equity
  • Community experience and expertise
  • Forward-thinking while learning from history
  • Curiosity and experimentation
  • Flexibility and adaptability
  • Community benefit over profit


  • Promote permanently and truly affordable housing
  • Protect existing spaces and create new affordable spaces for locally-owned small businesses
  • Protecting and promoting environmentally sustainable land uses such as green spaces, gardens and parks.
  • Provide financial education and housing counseling
  • Provide education around social movements, history, systemic issues
  • Developing community leadership
  • Ensuring that young people and seniors have a voice through intergenerational organizing


Our Geographic Area