ENYCLT is in the process of purchasing a 20-unit building whose owner recently agreed to sell to us. Once we own the building, the Black and Latinx tenants, who we are working closely with, will gain housing stability, control over the management of the building and will transition to owning their individual apartments. The CLT will continue to own the land under the building, ensuring long term affordability for generations of residents.


Through this project, we will set an example of community ownership as a serious policy solution to the city’s housing crisis and advance our collective work to protect against gentrification and ensure intergenerational transfer of housing (and wealth) for people who are at risk of being displaced.

We are currently raising the funds to make the purchase. We will be financing the acquisition through a mortgage, low interest private investments and donations and grants. 

Help ENYCLT acquire our first building and secure these families’ future as owners by committing as much as you can.

Donate now to help ENYCLT purchase our first property. This is the beginning of a movement to decommodify housing in East New York!